Nucleic acid extractors


EX48 Nucleic acid extractor


Intended Use

The product is used for nucleic acid extraction, matching with virus nucleic acid extraction kit (magnetic bead method).



High-precision, CV

High-efficiency, 48 samples per 20 minutes

Unique design of well-plate, Minimum eluent volume: 20μL, get highly concentrated sample Safe, UV disinfection

Easy to use, large touchscreen, drawer-type heating platform


MS-48/MS-96 Automatic nucleic acid extractor

Intended Use

Consisting of the sample rack, reagent storage rack, tip storage rack, mechanical pipetting arm, mechanical plate transfer arm, oscillation module, temperature control module, magnetic attraction module, barcode scanning module, movement system, protection system, and transport system, the Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System features one-button easy operation and standardized workflow, which help to greatly reduce the manual operation error and improve the accuracy of test results. This system provides systematic solutions for building a high-precision, simple and convenient, and systematic laboratory.



Fully automatic, completely hands-free

Fast: 48 samples per 100 minutes / 96 samples per 90 minutes

Accurate: Precise micro pipetting; efficient magnetic bead adsorption, CV

Safe: UV disinfection, exhaust system

Easy 2-step operation: sample, extraction reagents and PCR mix loaded; then primed and purified RNA removed (ready for PCR analysis)